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Accurate stage-by-stage modelling of axial turbines using an appropriate nozzle analogy with minimal geometric data

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Author list: Fuls W.
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd
Publication year: 2017
Journal: Applied Thermal Engineering
Journal name: Applied Thermal Engineering
Volume number: 116
Start page: 134
End page: 146
ISSN: 1359-4311


This paper presents a methodology to model a turbine on a stage-by-stage
basis using nozzle flow analogy, requiring minimal detail information
of the geometry of the individual blade passages. The classical nozzle
theory is slightly expanded such that a turbine stage can be represented
as a series of two nozzles with appropriate inlet conditions and loss
factors. Conservation equations and component characteristics are
presented which can be programmed into a simultaneous solver. The
thermo-hydraulic network solver Flownex was used to model the nozzles in
such a manner. This enabled the definition of a custom turbine stage
component, which was then used to model a 4-stage air turbine, as well
as two steam turbines of an arbitrary power plant. The model predicted
the turbines’ off-design (low load) conditions very well, considering
the limited information used to set up the models. The approach can be
used for accurate prediction of a turbine's off-design and abnormal
operation, provided the physical geometry of the turbine remains
unchanged. Plant operators can use this method to obtain better
information regarding the inter-stage process conditions of a turbine,
without requiring detail design information or complex CFD software.

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