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Debating the reality of race, caste, and ethnicity (2018)
Philosophy of the Social Sciences
Kincaid H
Deformation dependence of the isovector giant dipole resonance: The neodymium isotopic chain revisited (2018)
Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics
Donaldson LM, Bertulani CA, Carter J, Nesterenko VO, von Neumann-Cosel P, Neveling R, Yu. Ponomarev V, Reinhard P.-G, Usman IT, Adsley P, Brummer JW, Buthelezi EZ, Cooper GRJ, Fearick RW, Fortsch SV, Fujita H, Fujita Y, Jingo M, Kleinig W, Kureba CO, Kvasil J, Latif M, Li KCW, Mira JP, Nemulodi F, Papka P, Pellegri L, Pietralla N, Richter A, Sideras-Haddad E, Smit FD, Steyn GF, Swartz JA, Tamii A,
Extreme Climate-Induced Life-History Plasticity in an Amphibian (2018)
American Naturalist
Becker FS, Tolley KA, Measey GJ, Altwegg R,
The Relationship Between Social Support, HIV Serostatus, and Perceived Likelihood of Being HIV Positive Among Self-Settled Female, Foreign Migrants in Cape Town, South Africa (2018)
Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health
Giorgio M, Townsend L, Zembe Y, Cheyip M, Guttmacher S, Kapadia F, Mathews C.
10-year review of Africa's first student surgical society - UCT Surgical Society (2017)
South African Journal of Surgery
Tariq H, Thomson D, Kahn D
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