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A case study from the southern Cape linefishery 1: The difficulty of fishing in a changing world (2017)
South African Journal of Science 
Gammage L, Jarre A, Mather C
A case study from the southern Cape linefishery 2: Considering one's options when the fish leave (2017)
South African Journal of Science 
Gammage L, Jarre A, Mather C
A complexity underpinning for domestic climate mitigation policy in South Africa (2017)
International Journal of Design and Nature and Ecodynamics
Tyler E, Cohen B.
A Critical Analysis of Life Imprisonment in Malawi (2017)
Journal of African Law
Gumboh E
A customary insurance law? (2017)
SA Mercantile Law
Hutchison A
A pure aqueous route to mesoporous silica thin films via dip-coating of prefabricated hybrid micelles (2017)
Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology
Zschiedrich H, Boissiere C, Kooyman P, Prouzet E.
Best practices for assessing forage fish fisheries-seabird resource competition (2017)
Fisheries Research
Sydeman WJ, Thompson SA, Anker-Nilssen T, Arimitsu M, Bennison A, Bertrand S, Borsch-Supan P, Boyd C, Bransome NC, Crawford RJM, Daunt F, Furness RW, Gianuca D, Gladics A, Koehn L, Lang JW, Logerwell E, Morris TL, Phillips EM, Provencher J, Punt AE, Saraux C, Shannon L, Sherley RB, Simeone A, Wanless RM, Wanless S, Zador S
Bulletin of the National Library of South Africa (2017)
Christopher Saunders, June Bam-Hutchison, Sandra Shell (editors)
Characterization of frothers and their behavior using partial molar Excess Gibbs energy (2017)
International Journal of Mineral Processing
Harris MC, O'Connor CT
Competing coalitions: The politics of renewable energy and fossil fuels in Mexico, South Africa and Thailand (2017)
Energy Research and Social Science
Rennkamp B, Haunss S, Wongsa K, Ortega A, Casamadrid E
Constitutional Law (2017)
Annual Survey of South African Law
Brickhill J, Bishop M
CuO/ZnO nanorods: An affordable efficient p-n heterojunction and morphology dependent photocatalytic activity against organic contaminants (2017)
Journal of Alloys and Compounds
Senthil Kumar P, Selvakumar M, Babu SG, Induja S, Karuthapandian S.
Decolonisation and Teaching Law in Africa with Special Reference to Living Customary Law (2017)
Potchefstroomse elektroniese regsblad/Potchefstroom electronic law journal
Himonga C, Diallo F
Decolonising the Labour Law Curriculum (2017)
Industrial Law Journal including Industrial Law Reports
Rycroft A, Le Roux R
Deformation of thin plates subjected to impulsive load: Part III - an update 25 years on (2017)
International Journal of Impact Engineering
Chung Kim Yuen S, Nurick GN, Langdon GS, Iyer Y
Determining an effective operating window for a thiocyanate-degrading mixed microbial community (2017)
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering
Van Zyl A., Harrison S., Van Hille R.
Effective factors and kinetics study of zinc ion removal from synthetic wastewater by ion flotation (2017)
Separation Science and Technology
Hoseinian F., Irannajad M., Safari M.
Electricity supply and demand scenarios for the Southern African power pool (2017)
Energy Policy
Spalding-Fecher R, Senatla M, Yamba F, Lukwesa B, Himunzowa G, Heaps C, Chapman A, Mahumane G, Tembo B, Nyambe I.
Electrochemical interactions of platinum group minerals with copper sulphate (2017)
Minerals Engineering
Tadie M., Corin K., Wiese J., O'Connor C.
Electronic metal-support interaction enhanced oxygen reduction activity and stability of boron carbide supported platinum (2017)
Nature Communications
Jackson C, Smith GT, Inwood DW, Leach AS, Whalley PS, Callisti M, Polcar T, Russell AE, Levecque P, Kramer D.
Energy consumption due to mixing and mass transfer in a wave photobioreactor (2017)
Algal Research
Jones SMJ, Louw TM, Harrison STL.
Estimation of bubble column hydrodynamics: Image-based measurement method (2017)
Flow Measurement and Instrumentation
Adetunji O., Rawatlal R.
Extended four-component decomposition by using modified cross-scattering matrix (2017)
IET Radar Sonar and Navigation
Maurya H., Panigrahi R., Mishra A.
Fine grinding: How mill type affects particle shape characteristics and mineral liberation (2017)
Minerals Engineering
Little L., Mainza A., Becker M., Wiese J.
From Cloud to Fog Computing: A Review and a Conceptual Live VM Migration Framework (2017)
Access, IEEE
Osanaiye O, Chen S, Yan Z, Lu R, Choo K, Dlodlo M.
Generalized LCL-filter design algorithm for grid-connected voltage-source inverter (2017)
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
Jayalath S., Hanif M.
Genome-resolved metagenomics of a bioremediation system for degradation of thiocyanate in mine water containing suspended solid tailings (2017)
Microbiology Open
Rahman SF, Kantor RS, Huddy R, Thomas BC, van Zyl AW, Harrison STL, Banfield JF.
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