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Endemic birds of the Fynbos biome: A conservation assessment and impacts of climate change (2016)
Bird Conservation International
Lee A.T.K., Barnard P.
Endemic cardiovascular diseases of the poorest billion (2016)
Kwan GF, Mayosi BM, Mocumbi AO, Miranda JJ, Ezzati M, Jain Y, Robles G, Benjamin EJ, Subramanian SV, Bukhman G
Ending preventable child deaths in South Africa: What role can ward-based outreach teams play? (2016)
South African Medical Journal
Doherty T., Kroon M., Rhoda N., Sanders D.
Endogenous knowledge and the development question in Africa (2016)
Cambridge Review of International Affairs
Arowosegbe J
Energy transport in one-dimensional disordered granular solids (2016)
Physical Review E
Achilleos V., Theocharis G., Skokos Ch.
Engaging geographies: negotiating positionality and building relevance (2016)
South African Geographical Journal
Oldfield S., Patel Z.
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