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Bacterial community structure and removal performances in IFAS-MBRs: A pilot plant case study (2017)
Journal of Environmental Management
Mannina G, Capodici M, Cosenza A, Cinà P, Di Trapani D, Puglia AM, Ekama GA.
Banking efficiency and its determinants in selected frontier African markets (2017)
Economic Change and Restructuring
Banya R, Biekpe N
Bantuweb: a digital library for resource scarce South African languages (2017)
von Holy A, Bresler A, Shuman O, Chavula C, Suleman H
B-cells with a FasL expressing regulatory phenotype are induced following successful anti-tuberculosis treatment (2017)
Immunity, Inflammation and Disease
van Rensburg IC, Kleynhans L, Keyser A, Walzl G, Loxton AG
BCG vaccination induces HIV target cell activation in HIV-exposed infants in a randomized trial (2017)
Gasper MA, Hesseling AC, Mohar I, Myer L, Azenkot T, Passmore JS, Hanekom W, Cotton MF, Crispe IN, Sodora DL, Jaspan HB
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