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Cape Town’s Metabolism: Insights from a Material Flow Analysis (2017)
Journal of Industrial Ecology
Hoekman P, Von Blottnitz H.
CCR5 expression, haplotype and immune activation in protection from infection in HIV-exposed uninfected individuals in HIV-serodiscordant relationships (2017)
Coetzee D., Masson L., Little F., Williamson A., Passmore J., Gumbi P., Jaumdally S., Picton A., Tiemessen C., Paximadis M., Jaspan H., Gamieldien H.
Changes in estimated glomerular filtration rate over time in South African HIV-1-infected patients receiving tenofovir: a retrospective cohort study (vol 20, 2017) (2017)
Journal of the International AIDS Society
De Waal R, Cohen K, Fox MP, Stinson K, Maartens G, Boulle A, Igumbor EU, Davies M-A
Characterization of frothers and their behavior using partial molar Excess Gibbs energy (2017)
International Journal of Mineral Processing
Harris MC, O'Connor CT
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