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Decolonisation and Teaching Law in Africa with Special Reference to Living Customary Law (2017)
Potchefstroomse elektroniese regsblad/Potchefstroom electronic law journal
Himonga C, Diallo F
Decolonising the Labour Law Curriculum (2017)
Industrial Law Journal including Industrial Law Reports
Rycroft A, Le Roux R
Deformation of thin plates subjected to impulsive load: Part III - an update 25 years on (2017)
International Journal of Impact Engineering
Chung Kim Yuen S, Nurick GN, Langdon GS, Iyer Y
Determining an effective operating window for a thiocyanate-degrading mixed microbial community (2017)
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering
Van Zyl A., Harrison S., Van Hille R.
Daily characteristics of West African summer monsoon precipitation in CORDEX simulations (2016)
Theoretical and Applied Climatology
Klutse N.A.B., Sylla M.B., Diallo I., Sarr A., Dosio A., Diedhiou A., Kamga A., Lamptey B., Ali A., Gbobaniyi E.O., Owusu K., Lennard C., Hewitson B., Nikulin G., Panitz H.-J., Büchner M.
Damage control laparotomy and delayed pancreatoduodenectomy for complex combined pancreatoduodenal and venous injuries (2016)
European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery
Krige J.E., Navsaria P.H., Nicol A.J.
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