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Dance-based intervention to remediate empathy deficits following acquired brain injury (2017)
African Journal for Physical Activity and Health Sciences (AJPHES). Formelry African Journal for Physical, Health Education, Recreation and Dance (AJPHERD)
Lanesman TH, Schrieff-Elson LE, Thomas KGF
Decolonisation and Teaching Law in Africa with Special Reference to Living Customary Law (2017)
Potchefstroomse elektroniese regsblad/Potchefstroom electronic law journal
Himonga C, Diallo F
Decolonising the Labour Law Curriculum (2017)
Industrial Law Journal including Industrial Law Reports
Rycroft A, Le Roux R
Deformation of thin plates subjected to impulsive load: Part III - an update 25 years on (2017)
International Journal of Impact Engineering
Chung Kim Yuen S, Nurick GN, Langdon GS, Iyer Y
Determinants of construction organisational performance: A partial least square-path analytic method (2017)
Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction
Oyewobi LO, Windapo AO, Rotimi JOB.
Determinants of early-life lung function in African infants (2017)
Gray D, Willemse L, Visagie A, Czövek D, Nduru P, Vanker A, Stein DJ, Koen N, Sly PD, Hantos Z, Hall GL, Zar HJ
Determination of Lactate Thresholds in Maximal Running Test by Heart Rate Variability Data Set (2017)
Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
Nascimento EM, Kiss MA, Santos TM, Lambert M, Pires FO. 
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