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Effective factors and kinetics study of zinc ion removal from synthetic wastewater by ion flotation (2017)
Separation Science and Technology
Hoseinian F., Irannajad M., Safari M.
Effect of frequency of clinic visits and medication pick-up on antiretroviral treatment outcomes: A systematic literature review and meta-analysis (2017)
Journal of the International AIDS Society
Park J., Popoff E., Kanters S., Mills E., Mutasa-Apollo T., Ford N., Wiens M., Socias M., Negussie E., Wu P.
Effect of x-ray µCT scanning on the growth and activity of microorganisms in a heap bioleaching system (2017)
Solid State Phenomena
Ghadiri M, Harrison STL, Fagan-Endres MA.
Efficacy and effectiveness of an rVSV-vectored vaccine in preventing Ebola virus disease: final results from the Guinea ring vaccination, open-label, cluster-randomised trial (Ebola Ça Suffit!) (2017)
Lancet (North American Edition)
Henao-Restrepo A., Camacho A., Longini I., Watson C., Edmunds W., Egger M., Carroll M., Dean N., Diatta I., Doumbia M., Draguez B., Duraffour S., Enwere G., Grais R., Gunther S., Gsell P., Hossmann S., Watle S., Kondé M., Kéïta S., Kone S., Kuisma E., Levine M., Mandal S., Mauget T., Norheim G., Riveros X., Soumah A., Trelle S., Vicari A., Røttingen J., Kieny M.
Efficacy and safety of agomelatine (10 or 25 mg/day) in non-depressed out-patients with generalized anxiety disorder: A 12-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled study (2017)
European Neuropsychopharmacology
Stein DJ, Ahokas A, Jarema M, Avedisova AS, Vavrusova L, Chaban O, Gruget C, Olivier V, Picarel-Blanchot F, de Bodinat C
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