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Extreme Climate-Induced Life-History Plasticity in an Amphibian (2018)
American Naturalist
Becker FS, Tolley KA, Measey GJ, Altwegg R,
Early evolution of human leucocyte antigen-Associated escape mutations in variable Gag proteins predicts CD4R decline in HIV-1 subtype C-infected women (2017)
Chopera D., Ntale R., Ndabambi N., Garrett N., Gray C., Matten D., Karim Q., Karim S., Williamson C.
Early morning urine collection to improve urinary lateral flow LAM assay sensitivity in hospitalised patients with HIV-TB co-infection (2017)
BMC Infectious Diseases
Gina P., Randall P., Muchinga T., Pooran A., Meldau R., Peter J., Dheda K
Early observations of the nearby Type Ia supernova SN 2015F (2017)
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Hosseinzadeh G., Howell D., Galbany L., Gal-Yam A., Kasai E., McCully C., Inserra C., Johansson J., Schulze S., Smartt S., Prajs S., Prentice S., Valenti S., Young D., Smith K., Smith M., Sullivan M., Cartier R., Pignata G., Firth R., Maguire K., Mazzali P., Arcavi I., Childress M., Bassett B., Ashall C., Frohmaier C., Crawford S.
Early secretory antigenic target-6 drives matrix metalloproteinase-10 gene expression and secretion in tuberculosis (2017)
American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology
Brilha S, Sathyamoorthy T, Stuttaford LH, Walker NF, Wilkinson RJ, Singh S, Moores RC, Elkington PT, Friedland JS
Earth System Science Frontiers: An Early Career Perspective (2017)
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society
Rauser F, Alqadi M, Arowolo S, Baker N, Bedard J, Behrens E, Dogulu N, Domingues LG, Frassoni A, Keller J, Kirkpatrick S, Langendijk G, Mirsafa M, Mohammad S, Naumann AK, Osman M, Reed K, Rothmüller M, Schemann V, Singh A, Sonntag S, Tummon F, Victor D, Villafuerte MQ, Walawender JP, Zaroug M
Echocardiographic and electrocardiographic abnormalities in adults living with human immunodeficiency virus: a cross-sectional study in the Yaoundé Central Hospital, Cameroon (2017)
Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy
Hamadou B, Ngweth MN, Fotso MM, Mfeukeu-Kuate L, Jingi AM, Noubiap JJ, Nganou CN, Boombhi J, Amougou SN, Menanga A, Kingue S
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