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Effective factors and kinetics study of zinc ion removal from synthetic wastewater by ion flotation (2017)
Separation Science and Technology
Hoseinian F., Irannajad M., Safari M.
Electricity supply and demand scenarios for the Southern African power pool (2017)
Energy Policy
Spalding-Fecher R, Senatla M, Yamba F, Lukwesa B, Himunzowa G, Heaps C, Chapman A, Mahumane G, Tembo B, Nyambe I.
Electrochemical interactions of platinum group minerals with copper sulphate (2017)
Minerals Engineering
Tadie M., Corin K., Wiese J., O'Connor C.
Electronic metal-support interaction enhanced oxygen reduction activity and stability of boron carbide supported platinum (2017)
Nature Communications
Jackson C, Smith GT, Inwood DW, Leach AS, Whalley PS, Callisti M, Polcar T, Russell AE, Levecque P, Kramer D.
Energy consumption due to mixing and mass transfer in a wave photobioreactor (2017)
Algal Research
Jones SMJ, Louw TM, Harrison STL.
Estimation of bubble column hydrodynamics: Image-based measurement method (2017)
Flow Measurement and Instrumentation
Adetunji O., Rawatlal R.
Extended four-component decomposition by using modified cross-scattering matrix (2017)
IET Radar Sonar and Navigation
Maurya H., Panigrahi R., Mishra A.
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