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Fat mass and obesity associated (FTO) gene influences skeletal muscle phenotypes in non-resistance trained males and elite rugby playing position (2017)
BMC Genetics
Heffernan SM, Stebbings GK, Kilduff LP, Erskine RM, Day SH, Morse CI, McPhee JS, Cook CJ, Vance B, Ribbans WJ, Raleigh SM, Roberts C, Bennett MA, Wang G, Collins M, Pitsiladis YP, Williams AG.
Feasibility of motor imagery training for children with developmental coordination disorder - A pilot study (2017)
Frontiers in Psychology
Adams I., Smits-Engelsman B., Lust J., Wilson P., Steenbergen B.
Fine grinding: How mill type affects particle shape characteristics and mineral liberation (2017)
Minerals Engineering
Little L., Mainza A., Becker M., Wiese J.
Forced retirement from professional rugby union is associated with symptoms of distress. (2017)
International Journal of Sports Medicine
Brown JC, Kerkhoffs G, Lambert MI, Gouttebarge V
Foreword (2017)
From Cloud to Fog Computing: A Review and a Conceptual Live VM Migration Framework (2017)
Access, IEEE
Osanaiye O, Chen S, Yan Z, Lu R, Choo K, Dlodlo M.
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