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Generalized LCL-filter design algorithm for grid-connected voltage-source inverter (2017)
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
Jayalath S., Hanif M.
Genetic diversity and phylogenetic analysis of the ORF5 gene of PRRSV from central China (2017)
Research in Veterinary Science
Zhang L., Feng Y., Martin D., Chen J., Ma S., Xia P., Zhang G.
Genome-resolved metagenomics of a bioremediation system for degradation of thiocyanate in mine water containing suspended solid tailings (2017)
Microbiology Open
Rahman SF, Kantor RS, Huddy R, Thomas BC, van Zyl AW, Harrison STL, Banfield JF.
Genome-resolved meta-omics ties microbial dynamics to process performance in biotechnology for thiocyanate degradation (2017)
Environmental Science and Technology
Kantor R., Huddy R., Iyer R., Thomas B., Brown C., Anantharaman K., Tringe S., Hettich R., Harrison S., Banfield J.,
Global burden of disease of HIV-associated cryptococcal meningitis: an updated analysis. (2017)
Rajasingham, Smith, Park, Jarvis, Govender, Chiller, Denning, Loyse, Boulware
GSM-based commsense system to measure and estimate environmental changes (2017)
IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine
Bhatta A, Mishra A.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez (2016)
Corwin JA
GADD45α and γ interaction with CDK11p58 regulates SPDEF protein stability and SPDEF-mediated effects on cancer cell migration (2016)
Tamura R.E., Paccez J.D., Duncan K.C., Morale M.G., Simabuco F.M., Dillon S., Correa R.G., Gu X., Libermann T.A., Zerbini L.F.
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