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Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA): Exploring the WISE Web in G12 (2017)
Astrophysical Journal
Loveday J, Norberg P, Holwerda B, Hopkins A, Sadler E, Taylor E, Peacock J, Popescu C, Tuffs R, Wang L, Cluver M, Jarrett T, Bilicki M, Magoulas C, Bland-Hawthorn J, Alpaslan M, Brown M, Brough S, Driver S, Croom S
Gender Asymmetry and Mutual Sexual Relations in Online Legal Interpretation - Beyond the Dissonance Through the Fatwas of askimam.org (2017)
Journal of Constructive Theology: Gender, Religion and Theology in Africa (Journal of Gender and Religion in Africa)
Seedat F, Ismail F
Gender disparities in pulmonary hypertension at a tertiary centre in Cameroon (2017)
South African Medical Journal
Aminde LN, Dzudie A, Kengne AP, Ndjebet J, Mapoh S, Kuelang X, Kamdem F, Mbatchou Ngahane BH, Doualla MS, Ngu KB, Sliwa K, Thienemann F
Gender of household head and the digital divide in South Africa's settlements (2017)
Gender, Technology and Development
Pashapa T, Rivett U
Generalized LCL-filter design algorithm for grid-connected voltage-source inverter (2017)
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
Jayalath S., Hanif M.
Generation of an artificial human B cell line test system using Transpo-mAbTM technology to evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of novel antigen-specific fusion proteins (2017)
Public Library of Science ONE- PLoS ONE
Klose D., Woitok M., Niesen J., Beerli R., Grawunder U., Fischer R., Barth S., Nachreiner T., Fendel R.
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