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Ice growth on the cooling surface in a jacketed and stirred eutectic freeze crystallizer of aqueous Na2SO4 solutions (2017)
Separation and Purification Technology
Hasan M, Filimonov R, Chivavava J, Sorvari J, Louhi-Kultanen M, Lewis AE.
Identification of a Nanovirus-Alphasatellite Complex in Sophora alopecuroides (2017)
Virus Research
Stainton D., Kraberger S., Varsani A., Martin D., Heydarnejad J., Kamali M., Massumi H., Kvarnheden A., Male M.
Impaired quality and efficiency of sleep impairs cognitive functioning in Addison's disease (2017)
Henry M, Ross IJ, Wolf P, Thomas K
Improving antiretroviral therapy adherence in resource-limited settings at scale: a discussion of interventions and recommendations (2017)
Journal of the International AIDS Society
Haberer JE, Sabin L, Amico KR, Orrell C, Galarraga O, Tsai AC, Vreeman RC, Wilson I, Sam-Agudu NA, Blaschke TF, Vrijens B, Mellins CA, Remien RH, Weiser SD, Lowenthal E, Stirratt MJ, Sow PS, Thomas B, Ford N, Mills E, Lester R, Nachega JB, Bwana BM, Ssewamala F, Mbuagbaw L, Munderi P, Geng E, Bangsberg DR
Improving estimates of children living with HIV from the Spectrum AIDS Impact Model (2017)
Mahy M, Penazzato M, Ciaranello A, Mofenson L, Yianoutsos C, Davies M
Improving paratransit service: Lessons from inter-city 'matatu' cooperatives in Kenya (2017)
Transport Policy
Behrens R, McCormick D, Orero R, Ommeh M
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