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Ice growth on the cooling surface in a jacketed and stirred eutectic freeze crystallizer of aqueous Na2SO4 solutions (2017)
Separation and Purification Technology
Hasan M, Filimonov R, Chivavava J, Sorvari J, Louhi-Kultanen M, Lewis AE.
Increasing crop diversity increased soil microbial activity, nitrogen-sourcing and crop nitrogen, but not soil microbial diversity (2017)
South African Journal of Plant and Soil
Venter Z., Scott S., Strauss J., Jacobs K., Hawkins H.
Information for a developmental approach to mitigation: linking sectoral and economy-wide models for Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and South Africa (2017)
Climate and Development
Winkler H, Delgado R, Palma-Behnke R, Pereira A, Vasquez Baos T, Moyo A, Wills W, Salazar A
Insight into solute and microbial transport in heap (bio)leaching systems using residence time distribution (2017)
Govender-Opitz E, Kotsiopoulos A, Fagan-Endres M, Harrison STL
Insights into ferric leaching of low grade metal sulfide-containing ores in an unsaturated ore bed using X-ray computed tomography (2017)
Dobson K., Harrison S., Lin Q., Bhreasail A., Fagan-Endres M., Neethling S., Lee P, Cilliers J
Integration of mineralogical attributes in evaluating sustainability indicators of a magnetic separator (2017)
Minerals Engineering
Charikinya E., Robertson J., Platts A., Becker M., Lamberg P., Bradshaw D.
Intergranular oxidation of 316L stainless steel in the PWR primary water environment (2017)
Corrosion Science
Matthews R., Knusten R., Westraadt J., Couvant T.
Interventions for treating tuberculous pericarditis (2017)
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Wiysonge C., Ntsekhe M., Thabane L., Volmink J., Majombozi D., Gumedze F., Pandie S., Mayosi B.
ICES meets marine historical ecology: placing the history of fish and fisheries in current policy context (2016)
ICES Journal of Marine Science
Engelhard GH, Thurstan RH, Mackenzie BR, Alleway HK, Bannister RCA, Cardinale M, Clarke MW, Currie JC, Fotibuoni T, Holm P, Holt SJ, Mazzoldi C, Pinnegar JK, Raicevich S, Volckaert FAM, Klein ES, Lescrauwaet AK
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