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Keats and Don Juan: Three Points of Contact (2017)
Keats-Shelley Review
Edgecombe RS
Keeping it simple: Monitoring flood extent in large data-poor wetlands using MODIS SWIR data (2017)
International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation
Wolski P, Murray-Hudso M, Thito K, Cassidy L
Ketosis-prone atypical diabetes in Cameroonian people with hyperglycaemic crisis: frequency, clinical and metabolic phenotypes (2017)
Diabetic Medicine
Atogho-Tiedeu B., Balti E., Mbanya J., Gautier J., Sobngwi E., Lontchi-Yimagou E., Nguewa J., Assah F., Noubiap J., Boudou P., Djahmeni E.
Kinematic and kinetic gait deviations in males long after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (2017)
Clinical Biomechanics
Milandri G, Posthumus M, Small TJ, Bothma A, van der Merwe W, Kassanjee R, Sivarasu S
Knowledge and Practices Relating to Acute Pesticide Poisoning Among Health Care Providers in Selected Regions of Tanzania (2017)
Environmental Health Insights
Lekei Elikana, Ngowi Aiwerasia V., Mkalanga Habib, London Leslie
Knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and experience of palliative care amongst South African physiotherapists (2017)
South African Journal of Physiotherapy
Morrow BM, Barnard C, Luhlaza Z, Naidoo K, Pitt S
Kokni in Cape Town and the Sociolinguistics of Transnationalism (2017)
Language Matters: Studies in the Languages of Africa
Mesthrie R, Kulkarni-Joshi S, Paradkar R
Kagisano (2016)
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