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Making HIV testing work at the point of care in South Africa: a qualitative study of diagnostic practices (2017)
BMC Health Services Research
Engel N, Davids M, Blankvoort N, Dheda K, Pai NP, Pai M
Measuring TOD around transit nodes - Towards TOD policy (2017)
Transport Policy
Singh YJ, Lukman A, Flacke J, Zuidgeest M, Van Maarseveen MFAM.
Metal based gas diffusion layers for enhanced fuel cell performance at high current densities (2017)
Journal of Power Sources
Hussain N, Van Steen E, Tanaka S, Levecque P.
Modelling microbial transport in simulated low-grade heap bioleaching systems: The hydrodynamic dispersion model (2017)
Chemical Engineering Science
Govender-Opitz E, Kotsiopoulos A, Bryan CG, Harrison STL.
Moving bed membrane bioreactors for carbon and nutrient removal: The effect of C/N variation (2017)
Biochemical Engineering Journal
Mannina G, Ekama G, Capodici M, Cosenza A, Di Trapani D, Ødegaard H.
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