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Obesity-related metabolite profiles of black women spanning the epidemiologic transition (2016)
Dugas L.R., Chorell E., Plange-Rhule J., Lambert E.V., Cao G., Cooper R.S., Layden B.T., Scholten D., Olsson T., Luke A., Goedecke J.H.
Objects, images and texts: Archaeology and violence (2016)
Journal of Social Archaeology
Hall M.
Observations of the vertical and temporal evolution of a Natal Pulse along the Eastern Agulhas Bank (2016)
Journal of Geophysical Research. Oceans
Pivan X., Krug M., Herbette S.
Observed eddy dissipation in the Agulhas Current (2016)
Geophysical Research Letters
Braby L., Backeberg B.C., Ansorge I., Roberts M.J., Krug M., Reason C.J.C.
Obstetric violence in South Africa (2016)
South African Medical Journal
Chadwick R
Obtaining informed consent for genomics research in Africa: Analysis of H3Africa consent documents (2016)
Journal of Medical Ethics
Munung N.S., Marshall P., Campbell M., Littler K., Masiye F., Ouwe-Missi-Oukem-Boyer O., Seeley J., Stein D.J., Tindana P., De Vries J.
Occurrence of death and stroke in patients in 47 countries 1 year after presenting with atrial fibrillation: a cohort study (2016)
Healey J.S., Oldgren J., Ezekowitz M., Zhu J., Pais P., Wang J., Commerford P., Jansky P., Avezum A., Sigamani A., Demasceno A., Reilly P., Grinvalds A., Nakamya J., Aje A., Almahmeed W., Moriarty A., Wallentin L., Yusuf S., Connolly S.J.
Octupole correlations in N=88 Dy-154: Octupole vibration versus stable deformation (2016)
Physical Review C
Zimba GL, Sharpey-Schafer JF, Jones P, Bvumbi SP, Masiteng LP, Majola SNT, Dinoko TS, Lawrie EA, Lawrie JJ, Negi D, Papka P, Roux D, Shirinda O, Easton JE, Khumalo NA
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