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The deeper self: An expanded view of consciousness (2017)
Paulson S., Hustvedt S., Solms M., Shamdasani S.
Tackle technique and tackle-related injuries in high-level South African Rugby Union under-18 players: Real-match video analysis (2016)
British Journal of Sports Medicine
Viljoen L, Readhead C, Hendricks M, Burger N, Lambert M, Brown J
Tapping into a quater-century's judicial experience with the Canadian general anti-avoidance rule (GAAR): some insights for South Africa (2016)
Comparative and international law journal of Southern Africa
Steenkamp L, Roeleveld J, West C
Targeted genomic enrichment and massively parallel sequencing identifies novel nonsyndromic hearing impairment pathogenic variants in Cameroonian families (2016)
Clinical Genetics
Lebeko K, Sloan-Heggen CM, Noubiap JJN, Dandara C, Kolbe DL, Ephraim SS, Booth KT, Azaiez H, Santos-Cortez RLP, Leal SM, Smith RJH, Wonkam A
Targeted Spontaneous Reporting: Assessing Opportunities to Conduct Routine Pharmacovigilance for Antiretroviral Treatment on an International Scale (2016)
Drug Safety
Rachlis B., Karwa R., Chema C., Pastakia S., Olsson S., Wools-Kaloustian K., Jakait B., Maina M., Yotebieng M., Kumarasamy N., Freeman A., de Rekeneire N., Duda S.N., Davies M.-A., Braitstein P.
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