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Ultrasound-guidance outperforms the palpation technique for peripheral venous catheterisation in anaesthetised toddlers: a randomised study (2017)
Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica
Gopalasingam N., Obad D., Kristensen B., Lundgaard P., Veien M., Gjedsted J., Sloth E., Juhl-Olsen P.
Understanding deprescribing of preventive cardiovascular medication: a Q-methodology study in patients (2017)
Patient Preference and Adherence
Luymes C., Boelhouwer N., Poortvliet R., De Ruijter W., Reis R., Numans M.
Current Allergy & Clinical Immunology
Holtzhausen J
Unjustified Enrichment (2017)
Annual Survey of South African Law
Scott H
Unravelling the complexity of heap bioleaching (2017)
Solid State Phenomena
Petersen J.
Urban facilities management: A systemic process for achieving urban sustainability (2017)
International Journal of Substainable Development and Planning
Boyle LD, Michell KA.
Urban rainwater harvesting systems: Research, implementation and future perspectives (2017)
Water Research
Campisano A, Butler D, Ward S, Burns MJ, Friedler E, DeBusk K, Fisher-Jeffes LN, Ghisi E, Rahman A, Furumai H, Han M.
Urticaria and angioedema – more than just skin deep! (2017)
South African Family Practice
Holtzhausen J
Use of Resorbable Fixation System in Pediatric Facial Fractures (2017)
Journal of Craniofacial Surgery
Wong FK, Adams S, Hudson DA, Ozaki W
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