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V5852 Sgr: An unusual nova possibly associated with the Sagittarius stream (2016)
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Aydi E., Mróz P., Whitelock P.A., Mohamed S., Wyrzykowski Ł., Udalski A., Vaisanen P., Nagayama T., Dominik M., Scholz A., Onozato H., Williams R.E., Hodgkin S.T., Nishiyama S., Yamagishi M., Smith A.M.S., Ryu T., Iwamatsu A., Kawamata I.
Vaccination against tuberculosis with whole-cell mycobacterial vaccines (2016)
Journal of Infectious Diseases
Scriba T.J., Kaufmann S.H.E., Lambert P.H., Sanicas M., Martin C., Neyrolles O.
Validating homicide rates in the western cape province, South Africa: Findings from the 2009 injury mortality survey (2016)
South African Medical Journal
Prinsloo M., Matzopoulos R., Laubscher R., Myers J., Bradshaw D.
Validation of CoaBC as a Bactericidal Target in the Coenzyme A Pathway of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (2016)
ACS Infectious Diseases
Evans JC, Trujillo C, Wang Z, Eoh H, Ehrt S, Schnappinger D, Boshoff HIM, Rhee KY, Barry CE, Mizrahi V
Validation of the Self Reporting Questionnaire 20-Item (SRQ-20) for Use in a Low- and Middle-Income Country Emergency Centre Setting (2016)
International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction
van der Westhuizen C., Wyatt G., Williams J.K., Stein D.J., Sorsdahl K.
Valuing IKS in successive South African physical sciences curricula (2016)
African Journal of Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
Taylor D, Cameron A
Valvular heart disease in pregnancy (2016)
Cardiovascular Journal of Africa
Anthony J., Osman A., Sani M.U.
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