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Determining an effective operating window for a thiocyanate-degrading mixed microbial community (2017)
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering
Van Zyl A., Harrison S., Van Hille R.
Electrochemical interactions of platinum group minerals with copper sulphate (2017)
Minerals Engineering
Tadie M., Corin K., Wiese J., O'Connor C.
Fine grinding: How mill type affects particle shape characteristics and mineral liberation (2017)
Minerals Engineering
Little L., Mainza A., Becker M., Wiese J.
Genome-resolved meta-omics ties microbial dynamics to process performance in biotechnology for thiocyanate degradation (2017)
Environmental Science and Technology
Kantor R., Huddy R., Iyer R., Thomas B., Brown C., Anantharaman K., Tringe S., Hettich R., Harrison S., Banfield J.,
Increasing crop diversity increased soil microbial activity, nitrogen-sourcing and crop nitrogen, but not soil microbial diversity (2017)
South African Journal of Plant and Soil
Venter Z., Scott S., Strauss J., Jacobs K., Hawkins H.
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