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Has the phasing out of stavudine in accordance with changes in WHO guidelines led to a decrease in single-drug substitutions in first-line antiretroviral therapy for HIV in sub-Saharan Africa? (2017)
Brennan Alana T., Davies Mary-Ann, Bor Jacob, Wandeler Gilles, Stinson Kathryn, Wood Robin, Prozesky Hans, Tanser Frank, Fatti Geoffrey, Boulle Andrew, Sikazwe Izukanji, Wool-Kaloustian Kara, Yuannoutsos Constantin, Leroy Valeriane, de Rekeneire Nathalie, Fox Matthew P.
HIV and tuberculosis in Malawian prisons: A comprehensive prevention, screening and management programme (2017)
Mendelsohn S, Aluda C, Ortuno R, Shigayeva A, Hilderbrand K, Goemaere E
HIV-associated malignancies in children (2017)
Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS
Singh E., Naidu G., Davies M., Bohlius J.
HIV infection rather than concurrent opportunistic infections drives most systemic procoagulant, vascular and damage responses - A prospective cohort study in central Africa (2017)
Antiviral Therapy
Janssen S., Huson M., Osbak K., Rossatanga E., Alabi A., Lutter R., Grobusch M., Van Der Poll T.
How frontline healthcare workers respond to stock-outs of essential medicines in the Eastern Cape (2017)
Hodes R, Price I, Bungane N, Toska E, Cluver L
How sociopolitical factors affected the implementation of Cape Town's vacuum sewer (2017)
Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology
Taing L
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