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New frontiers and conceptual frameworks for energy justice (2017)
Energy Policy
Sovacool BK, Burke M, Baker L, Kotikalapudi CK, Wlokas H.
N-acetylcysteine for non-paracetamol drug-induced liver injury: A systematic review (2016)
British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
Chughlay M.F., Kramer N., Spearman C.W., Werfalli M., Cohen K.
Naltrexone increases negatively-valenced facial responses to happy face in female participants (2016)
Meier L, Bos P, Hamilton K, Stein D, Van Honk J, Malcolm-Smith S
Namibia Recent History (2016)
Saunders C
Nanofluids: An innovative phase change material for cold storage systems? (2016)
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
MacDevette M.M., Myers T.G.
Nanoscale variations in 187Os isotopic composition and HSE systematics in a Bultfontein peridotite (2016)
Earth and Planetary Science Letters
Wainwright A.N., Luguet A., Schreiber A., Fonseca R.O.C., Nowell G.M., Lorand J.-P., Wirth R., Janney P.E.
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