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Caching reduces kleptoparasitism in a solitary, large felid (2017)
Journal of Animal Ecology
Balme GA, Miller JRB, Pitman RT, Hunter LTB
Calcium supplementation and cardiovascular risk: a rising concern (2017)
Journal of Clinical Hypertension
Tankeu A., Ndip Agbor V., Noubiap J.
Calibrating Star Formation in WISE Using Total Infrared Luminosity (2017)
Astrophysical Journal
Cluver M, Jarrett T, Dale D, Smith J, August T, Brown M
Calibration of Ultraviolet, Mid-infrared, and Radio Star Formation Rate Indicators (2017)
Astrophysical Journal
Brown MJI, Moustakas J, Kennicutt RC, Bonne NJ, Intema HT, de Gasperin F, Boquien M, Jarrett TH, Cluver ME, Smith JDT, da Cunha E, Imanishi M, Armus L, Brandl BR, Peek JEG.
Cape Town’s Metabolism: Insights from a Material Flow Analysis (2017)
Journal of Industrial Ecology
Hoekman P, Von Blottnitz H.
Cardiovascular disease in Africa: epidemiological profile and challenges (2017)
Nature Reviews Cardiology
Keates A., Mocumbi A., Ntsekhe M., Sliwa K., Stewart S.
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