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Pan-African accretionary metamorphism in the Sperrgebiet Domain, Gariep Belt, SW Namibia (2017)
Precambrian Research
Macey P.H, Minnaar HM, Gresse PG, Lambert CW, Groenewald CA, Miller JA, Indongo J, Angombe M, Shifotoka G, Frei D, Diener JFA, Kisters AFM, Dhansay T, Smith H, Doggart S, Le Roux P, Hartnady MI, Tinguely,Thomas RJ,
Paradoxical ambiguity - D.F. Malan and the "Jewish Question" (2017)
Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa
Shain M
Parameter estimation for stable distributions with application to commodity futures log-returns (2017)
Cogent Economics & Finance
Kateregga M, Mataramvura S, Taylor D
Parent training programs for ethnic minorities: A meta-analysis of adaptations and effect (2017)
Prevention Science
van Mourik K, Crone MR, de Wolff MS, Reis R
Particle image velocimetry study of the turbulence characteristics in an aerated flotation cell (2017)
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
Darabi H, Koleini SMJ, Deglon D, Rezai B, Abdollahy M
Patterns and trends in seabird bycatch in the pelagic longline fishery off South Africa (2017)
African Journal of Marine Science
Rollinson DP, Wanless RM, Ryan PG
Patterns of blunt force homicide in the West Metropole of the City of Cape Town, South Africa (2017)
South African Journal of Science
Clark C, Mole CG, Heyns M
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