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Ranging behavior and habitat preferences of the Martial Eagle: implications for the conservation of a declining apex predator (2017)
Public Library of Science ONE- PLoS ONE
Van Eeden R, Whitfield DP, Botha A, Amar A
Ranking of invasive spread through urban green areas in the world's 100 most populous cities (2017)
Biological Invasions
Cang Hui Email author , David M. Richardson, Vernon Visser
Ratios of strange hadrons to pions in collisions of large and small nuclei (2017)
European Physical Journal C
Oeschler H., Cleymans J., Hippolyte B., Redlich K., Sharma N.
Realistic modeling of leakage and intrusion flows through leak openings in pipes (2017)
Journal of Hydraulic Engineering
van Zyl JE, Lambert AO, Collins R
Real-time emulation of a pressure-retarded osmotic power generation system (2017)
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications
Kaarthik RS, Maisonneuve J, Pillay P
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