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Reconciling cognitive and affective neuroscience perspactives on the brain basis of emotional experience (2017)
Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews
Panksepp J, Lane R, Solms M, Smith R
Reconstructing Prehistoric African Population Structure (2017)
Cell Journal
Skoglund P, Thompson JC, Prendergast ME, Mittnik A, Sirak K, Hajdinjak M, Salie T, Rohland N, Mallick S, Peltzer A, Heinze A, Olalde I, Ferry M, Harney E, Michel M, Stewardson K, Cerezo-Román JI, Chiumia C, Crowther A, Gomani-Chindebvu E, Gidna AO, Grillo KM, Helenius IT, Hellenthal G, Helm R, Horton M, López S, Mabulla AZP, Parkington J, Shipton C, Thomas MG, Tibesasa R, Welling M, Hayes VM, Kennett DJ, Ramesar R, Meyer M, Pääbo S, Patterson N, Morris AG, Boivin N, Pinhasi R, Krause J, Reich D
REDD+ as ‘inclusive’ neoliberal conservation: the case of Lindi, Tanzania (2017)
Journal of Eastern African Studies
Scheba A, Scheba S.
Redox potential control during flotation of a sulphide mineral ore (2017)
Minerals Engineering
Chimonyo W., Corin K., Wiese J., O'Connor C.
Reduced right ventricular diameter during cardiac arrest caused by tension pneumothorax – a porcine ultrasound study (2017)
Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica
Caap P, Aagaard R, Sloth E, Løfgren B, Granfeldt A
Reducing cuckoo parasitism risk via informed habitat choices (2017)
Tolvanen J, Forsman JT, Thomson RL
Reducing energy poverty through carbon tax revenues in South Africa (2017)
Journal of Energy in Southern Africa 
Winkler H
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