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Rationale and design of a prospective study to assess the effect of left cardiac sympathetic denervation in chronic heart failure (2017)
International Journal of Cardiology
Chin A, Ntsekhe M, Viljoen C, Rossouw J, Pennel T, Schwartz PJ
Rationale, Design and Baseline Characteristics of Participants in the Cardiovascular Outcomes for People Using Anticoagulation Strategies (COMPASS) Trial (2017)
Canadian Journal of Cardiology
Bosch J, Eikelboom JW, Connolly SJ, Bruns NC, Lanius V, Yuan F, Misselwitz F, Chen E, Diaz R, Alings M, Lonn EM, Widimsky P, Hori M, Avezum A, Piegas LS, Bhatt DL, Branch KRH, Probstfield JL, Liang Y, Liu L, Zhu J, Maggioni AP, Lopez-Jaramillo P, O'Donnell M, Fox KAA, Kakkar A, Parkhomenko AN, Ertl G, Störk S, Keltai K, Keltai M, Ryden L, Dagenais GR, Pogosova N, Dans AL, Lanas F, Commerford PJ, Torp-Pedersen C, Guzik TJ, Verhamme PB, Vinereanu D, Kim JH, Ha JW, Tonkin AM, Varigos JD, Lewis BS, Felix C, Yusoff K, Steg PG, Aboyans V, Metsarinne KP, Anand SS, Hart RG, Lamy A, Moayyedi P, Leong DP, Sharma M, Yusuf S.
Ratios of strange hadrons to pions in collisions of large and small nuclei (2017)
European Physical Journal C
Oeschler H., Cleymans J., Hippolyte B., Redlich K., Sharma N.
Readiness to adopt a performance measurement system for substance abuse treatment: Findings from the service quality measures initiative (2017)
South African Medical Journal
Myers B., Williams P., Johnson K., Govender R., Manderscheid R., Koch J.
Realistic modeling of leakage and intrusion flows through leak openings in pipes (2017)
Journal of Hydraulic Engineering
van Zyl JE, Lambert AO, Collins R
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