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Safe treatment and treatment of safety: call for a harm-reduction approach to drug-use disorders in South Africa (2017)
South African Health Review
Scheibe A, Versfeld A, Marks M, Shelly S, Howell S
Safety and Immunogenicity of Adenovirus 35 Tuberculosis Vaccine Candidate in Adults with Active or Previous Tuberculosis. A Randomized Trial (2017)
American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
van Zyl-Smit RN, Esmail A, Bateman ME, Dawson R, Goldin J, van Rikxoort E, Douoguih M, Pau MG, Sadoff JC, McClain JB, Snowden MA, Benko J, Hokey DA, Rutkowski KT, Graves A, Shepherd B, Ishmukhamedov S, Kagina BMN, Abel B, Hanekom WA, Scriba TJ, Bateman ED
Satellite cities: Photographic essay (2017)
Thesis Eleven
Josephy S
Scaling-up services for psychosis, depression and epilepsy in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia: Development and application of a mental health systems planning tool (OneHealth) (2017)
Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences
Lund C., Chisholm D., Heslin M., Nanda S., Docrat S., Upadhaya N., Shidhaye R., Abdulmalik J., Jordans M., Gureje O., Olayiwola S., Mugisha J., Kizza D., Hanlon C., Kigozi F., Sanders R., Adugna M., Thornicroft G., Pretorius C.
Scattering of Ricci scalar perturbations from Schwarzschild black holes in modified gravity (2017)
European Physical Journal C
Sibandze D, Goswami R, Maharaj S, Nzioki A, Dunsby P.
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