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Trends in mean and extreme temperatures over Ibadan, Southwest Nigeria (2018)
Theoretical and Applied Climatology
Abatan AA, Osayomi T, Akande SO, Abiodun BJ, Gutowski WJ
Tangled and drowned: a global review of penguin bycatch in fisheries (2017)
Endangered Species Research
Crawford R, Ellenberg U, Frere E, Hagen C, Biard K, Brewin P, Crofts S, Glass J, Mattern T, Ludynia K, et al
TAPBPR bridges UDP-glucose: glycoprotein glucosyltransferase 1 onto MHC class I to provide quality control in the antigen presentation pathway (2017)
Neerincx A, Hermann C, Antrobus R, van Hateren A, Cao H, Trautwein N, Stevanović S, Elliott T, Deane JE, Boyle LH
Targeted treatment in severe traumatic brain injury in the age of precision medicine (2017)
Child's Nervous System
Figaji AA, Fieggen AG, Mankahla N, Enslin N, Rohlwink UK
TAVI for low to middle income countries (2017)
European Heart Journal
Scherman J, Bezuidenhout D, Ofoegbu C, Williams D, Zilla P
Tax(i)ing the poor? Commuting costs in South African cities (2017)
South African Journal of Economics
Kerr A
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