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Warfarin: better the devil you know (2017)
Cardiovascular Journal of Africa
Blockman M
Water, equity and resilience in Southern Africa: future directions for research and practice (2017)
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability
Rodina L, Baker LA, Galvin M, Goldin J, Harris LM, Manungufala T, Musemwa M, Sutherland C, Ziervogel G
Water Quality in PGM Ore Flotation: The effect of Ionic Strength and pH (2017)
Manono MS, Matibidi K, Thubakgale CK, Corin KC, Wiese JG
Ways of prediction, ways of rhetoric (2017)
Philosophy and Rhetoric
Salazar P-J
Weak Gravitational Lensing of Finite Beams (2017)
Physical Review Letters
Fleury P, Larena J, Uzan J
We are not asexual beings: disabled women in Zimbabwe talk about their active sexuality (2017)
Sexuality Research and Social Policy: Journal of NSRC
Peta C, McKenzie J, Kathard H, Africa A
We Can Fix it - Corruption in the Construction Industry (2017)
Edwards PJ, Bowen PA and Cattell KS
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