Professor Carolyn Williamson


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Basic immunology of HIV/AIDS infection, Bioinformatics of virological data from next generation sequencing, Deep sequencing, Genome sequencing (Specialisations), HIV-1 drug resistance (Specialisations), HIV-1 transmission (Specialisations), HIV (Viruses) - Phylogeny (Specialisations), Phylogenetics (Specialisations), Recombinant vaccines (Specialisations), Viral vaccines (Specialisations)

Research Interests
Her research areas of interest include: elucidating genetic and biological features of the transmitted virus; HIV adaptation and understanding features of HIV-1 subtype C viruses that impact on antibody and cellular immune recognition; HIV-1 superinfection; characterisation of HIV-1 reservoirs. She is also involved in characterising HIV-1 breakthrough infections in large vaccine and microbicide trials. She has designed and developed candidate HIV vaccines which have undergone early clinical evaluation for safety and immunogenicity.

Employment history

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