Mr Allan Clark


ORCID ID: 0000-0003-3472-0797

Applied statistics, Bayesian statistics, Computational statistics, Ecological Statistics

Research Interests
My primary area of research lies is the development of statistical methods that can be used to answer various ecologically important questions. The models I work on relate to occupancy modelling, capture recapture methods as well as abundance estimation all primarily from a Bayesian point of view. I try and publish widely and my list of publications include peer reviewed academic articles in the field of Marketing, dose escalation studies (clinical trials), Finance and Ecology amongst others. I am an active member of SEEC (Statistics in Environment, Ecology and Conservation, and have supervised postgraduate students in Commerce (Credit risk), Biological studies (Bayesian occupancy models) as well as Statistical Sciences (Machine learning, Convolutional Neural Networks, Spatial modelling).

Employment history
Lecturer (01/07/2004 - 01/07/2016) - Dept. of Statistical Sciences, University of Cape Town

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