Michelle Kuttel

Email: michelle.kuttel@uct.ac.za

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-0554-4632

NRF Rating
C2 - rated

Carbohydrate chemistry, Computational chemistry, Computational modelling and Bio-analytical chemistry, Glycobiology (Specialisations), High performance computing (Specialisations), Molecular modelling (Specialisations), Scientific computing (Specialisations), Scientific visualization (Specialisations)

Sustainable Development Goals

Research Interests
My research is in the general area of Computational Science: the development of research software and its application to solve problems in scientific disciplines. Within this broad field, I work in the areas of:
1. Computational Chemistry: my focus is on computational glycochemistry, using molecular
modelling methods to investigate the conformation and interactions of bacterial carbohydrates
playing key roles in infection, with a particular focus on vaccine development;
2. Computational Astronomy: development of software and computational methods to support
the South African Square Kilometre Array radio telescope initiative;
3. Parallel and High Performance Computing: using parallel architectures to accelerate
compute-intensive algorithms;
4. Research Programming: the development of software tools to support research in Chemistry
and Astronomy; and
5. Visualisation: using visualisation methods to generate novel effective visualisations of large,
complex scientific data sets.

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