Dr Louise Gammage

Email: louise.gammage@uct.ac.za

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-3751-0958

Climate change adapatation, Coastal fisheries, Decision support, Environmental decision making (Specialisations), Fisheries - Ecosystem approach (Specialisations), Fisheries governance (Specialisations), Fisheries management (Specialisations), Informed decision making (Specialisations), Mixed methods research (Specialisations), Natural resources - Sustainable development (Specialisations)

Research Interests
Research interests include developing innovative methodologies (such as structured decision-making tools and social indicators) to address with scale challenges in complex adaptive systems, understanding drivers of change in social-ecological systems with an eye to improve present and future decision-making and exploring ways where local stakeholders (such as fishers) are capacitated to enhance their well-being while informing governance and policy at the larger decision-making scales. I have experience with semi-quantitative modelling techniques (such as cognitive (causal) mapping and Bayesian network modelling), qualitative and quantitative data, interviews and surveys, group facilitation and field work.

Employment history

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