Dr Godfrey Ndlovu

Email: godfrey.ndlovu@uct.ac.za

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-0014-4218

Scopus Author ID: 56258256700

African economy, Applied econometrics, Behavioral economics, Development economics, Economic modelling (Specialisations), Economics and Finance (Specialisations), Financial and Portfolio management (Specialisations), Financial economics (Specialisations), Financial markets economics (Specialisations), Household poverty dynamics (Specialisations)

Sustainable Development Goals

Research Interests
For the next 3 to 5 years, I intend to focus my research on: household finance, dynamic interactions between the housing market and stock market and investor portfolio formulation, investor sentiment and its impact of financial markets. I have identified a number of A to A* journals which are interested in this kind of research.
In 2019 I applied and have been awarded funding through the UCT Building Research Active Academic Staff Grant. Through this grant I have managed to provide funding for one student for a research-based master’s degree in economics. The focus of the study is on the dynamic interaction between the housing and stock market in South Africa. One of the conditions of the grant is come-up with at least one publication from the research. I am slo supervising another masters student who is looking at house price bubbles.

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