Mrs Buhle Mathole


Architecture and design of resilient urban landscapes, Architecture - History - South Africa, Case-based pedagogy, Creativity in teaching, Global education (Specialisations), Higher education - First-year experience and student success (Specialisations), Post-apartheid South Africa (Specialisations), Resilience (Personality trait) studies (Specialisations), Social capital - Theory and Practice (Specialisations), Tertiary teaching (Specialisations)

Sustainable Development Goals

Research Interests
I am currently registered for PhD studies that are within my field of interest. I am investigating the impact of architectural pedagogy through the lens of the undergraduate student. The ability of the student to translate knowledge gained at university to working solutions in the current socio economic climate in South Africa.

Massification in academic institutions has resulted in a myriad of social mobility challenges, that directly impact the built environment. I beg to ask the question what is the graduates ability to translate their education and degree to working solutions. I also argue that an old apprentice (mentor) model assists in the graduates ability to adapt to the working world efficiently.

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