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Cascading theology: Experiences of the implementation of a training-of-the-trainers model for faith-based gender-based violence intervention

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Author list: Le Roux E, Olivier J

Editor list: Kraft K, Wilkinson OJ

Edition name or number: 1

Publisher: Routledge

Publication year: 2020

Start page: 74

End page: 87

Total number of pages: 14

ISBN: 9780367249724

eISBN: 9780429285257



A programming and response model that has become increasingly popular in the international development sector is the Training-of-the-Trainers (ToT) approach. It is relatively cost effective, can be rapidly rolled-out, and has potential for great impact. With ToTs, skilled development experts train potential trainers from within the target community. The local trainers then train others, and this procedure is repeatedfor a number of levels of cascade.

The faith-based development world is widely using ToT approaches. One such ToT methodology is World Vision International’s (WVI) Channels of Hope (CoH) toolset, an approach for mobilising faith leaders and local faith communities to respond to the core issues affecting their communities. This chapter explores the benefits and challenges of faith-based ToTs, drawing on experiences from WVI’s CoH Gender program. Drawing on data collected during a three-year evaluative study of CoH G implementation in South Africa and Uganda, we focus on faith-based ToTs and the cascading of theological content. We find that a ToT approach, when applied to faith-community programs and contexts, have great potential, but careful implementation is essential to avoid problematic unintended consequences.


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community-based participatory research, development, evaluation, Violence

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