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Development of the miloSAR Testbed for the One Kilogramme radioCamera SAR for Small Drones

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Author list: Jordan D, Cheng P, Inggs M, Langman A, Abdul Gaffar M

Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ( IEEE )

Place: Massachusetts

Publication year: 2019

Start page: 2382

End page: 2387

Total number of pages: 6

ISBN: 9781728116808


The radioCamera is a fully polarimetric, C-Band imaging radar (SAR) for sub 20 kg drones, under development by droneSAR (Pty) Ltd. While designing this 1 kg system, a number of unconventional FMCW architectures had to be explored in simulation and practice before committing to expensive RF and digital boards. The miloSAR is a low-cost and rapidly reconfigurable testbed radar, built from commercial off-the-shelf components in the 2400 MHz band, developed to aid with refining the architecture for the radioCamera. The system differs from traditional homodyne FMCW radars which perform direct downconversion using a copy of the transmit waveform as the local oscillator (LO) for analogue dechirp. Heterodyne architectures inherently avoid the known issues of direct down-conversion receivers, namely, DC offset, LO self-mixing, and flicker noise. This paper provides an overview of the miloSAR and reports on initial SAR results achieving more than 500 m range with 10 mW radiated power.


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