Towards a Basic Package of Support for Youth in South Africa

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Author list: De Lannoy A, Breakey J

Publication year: 2019

URL: https://www.saldru.uct.ac.za/project/youth/


As part of the SALDRU-led research consortium to design a Basic Package of Support for young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET), SALDRU partnered with youth leadership organisation, ACTIVATE! In June 2019, to run a series of workshops aimed at gaining deeper insight into the challenges faced by young people in South Africa, their needs and their everyday experiences. The workshop approach was designed and implemented by the SALDRU and CSDA research teams in collaboration with facilitators from Activate! The main aim of the workshops was to discuss how young people from various urban and rural communities across South Africa view their own lives and the challenges they face, as well as what support they feel they need to overcome these challenges.


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Secondary education, Training, Youth unemployment

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