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Doubly Fed Induction Generator Open Stator Synchronized Control during Unbalanced Grid Voltage Condition

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Author list: Khan A, Hu X, Khan M, Barendse P

Publisher: MDPI

Publication year: 2020

Journal: Energies

Volume number: 13

Start page: 1

End page: 13

Total number of pages: 13

eISSN: 1996-1073


In this paper, a systematic synchronization procedure is proposed for a doubly fed induction
generator (DFIG) during unbalanced grid voltage conditions. The initial induced voltage at the open
stator terminal is required to synchronize with the grid voltage in magnitude, frequency and phase.
An open stator negative sequence rotor current controller is implemented with the conventional
DFIG vector controller, which allows the induced stator voltage to become as unbalanced as the grid
voltage, hence enabling a smooth connection. A brief comparison is provided for practical issues
such as controller structure variation between DFIG open stator and normal operating conditions,
and initial encoder rotor angle measurement o set. The procedure is validated experimentally on a
2.2 kW laboratory-scaled DFIG test bench.


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