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“Ah non, je ne parle pas anglais moi. Je suis française !” Une contribution à la typologie des pragmatèmes

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Author list: De Oliveira R

Editor list: Neveu F., Harmegnies B., Hriba L., Prévost S., Steuckardt A.

Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge): SSH Titles

Publication year: 2020

Journal: Studia Neophilologica

Journal name: NEO

Volume number: 32

Start page: 132

End page: 145

Total number of pages: 14

ISSN: 0039-3274

eISSN: 1651-2308



“Oh no, I do not speak English. I’m French!”
A contribution to the typology of pragmatems

This work presents and discusses the development of the hypothesis according to which clitic
doubling (pronominal reduplication), as seen in the sentence “Je ne parle pas anglais moi. / I do not
speak English [me]”, has the fundamental structural and pragmatic parameters of the pragmatem
(R. D e O l i v e i r a, 2018). Structural, because it is a compositional construction but selected as
a whole by the speaker to respond to a communication goal associated with a precise utterance
situation (G. F l é c h o n et al., 2012); pragmatic, since this device is a means of acting on the interlocutive context, allowing the accomplishment of a certain number of specific acts (I. M e l’č u k,
2013). In this sense, we argue that, like the pragmatem, the devise called French clitic doubling
simultaneously has the following three characteristics, it is (i) fixed, (ii) compositional, and (iii)
associated with a specific utterance situation.
Keywords: Pragmatem, clitic doubling, French language, speech acts


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