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Éléments sociolinguistiques pour une réflexion didactique du FLE en milieu plurilingue

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Subtitle: questionnements et innovations universitaires

Author list: De Oliveira R

Editor list: Balladon F, Peigne C

Edition name or number: ISSN 0259-0247

Publisher: French Studies in Southern Africa

Place: Pretoria

Publication year: 2010

Title of series: Numéro spécial

Number in series: si-1

Volume number: 2010

Start page: 103

End page: 124

Total number of pages: 22

ISBN: ISSN 0259-0247



Against the backdrop of South Africa’s linguistic panorama of eleven official languages, the « Initial French IA » module offered by the School of Languages and Literatures at the University of Cape Town each year, attracts a significant number of students from different cultural backgrounds. A steady annual increase in the number of students registering for this firstsemester introductory course testifies to its success and to the status of French as the most sought-after language at the school. However, we have noticed that after the first semester of Initial French I, the number of registrations for second-semester, « Initial French IB », decreases considerably. Keeping in mind the exceptional prominence enjoyed by French in this multilingual university environment, we describe Initial French IA and analyse its function and demographic. Further, we investigate the reasons for its popularity and for the subsequent fall in the number of students registering for Initial French IB. The aim is to provide pedagogical guidelines in order for the department to maintain the prominence of French Studies.


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knowledge about language, South Africa

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