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Physical functioning, mental health, and quality of life in different congenital heart defects: comparative analysis in 3538 patients from 15 countries

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Author list: Moons P, Luyckx K, Thomet C, Budts W, Enomoto J, Sluman MA, Lu CW, Jackson JL, Khairy P, Cook SC, Chidambarathanu S, Alday L, Eriksen K, Dellborg M, Berghammer M, Johansson B, Mackie AS, Menahem S,
Caruana M, Veldtman G, Soufi A, Fernandes SM, White K, Callus E, Kutty S, Ombelet F, Apers S, Kovacs AH

Publisher: Elsevier: 12 months

Publication year: 2021

Journal: Canadian Journal of Cardiology

Volume number: 37

Issue number: 2

Start page: 215

End page: 223

Total number of pages: 9

ISSN: 0828-282X

eISSN: 1916-7075


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