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Selective reduction of IFN-γ single positive mycobacteria-specific CD4+ T cells in HIV-1 infected individuals with latent tuberculosis infection

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Author list: Riou C., Bunjun R., Müller T., Kiravu A., Ginbot Z., Oni T., Goliath R., Wilkinson R., Burgers W.

Publisher: Elsevier

Publication year: 2016

Journal: Tuberculosis

Journal name: Tuberculosis

Volume number: 101

Start page: 25

End page: 30

Total number of pages: 6

ISSN: 1472-9792



HIV-1 is recognized to increase the risk for tuberculosis even before CD4+ T cell deficiency is profound. To better understand how HIV-1 alters immunity to latent tuberculosis, we compared the magnitude and functional profile of mycobacteria-specific CD4+ T cells between HIV-uninfected and HIV-infected individuals, using flow cytometry. In HIV-1 infection, IFN-γ single positive mycobacteria-specific CD4+ T cells were decreased, while the frequency of polyfunctional cells (IFN-γ+IL-2+TNF-α+) remained unchanged. Moreover, the proportion of IFN-γ single positive cells correlated inversely with viral replication. Our results suggest that HIV-1 affects mycobacteria-specific cells differentially, depending on their functional capacity.


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HIV, memory

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