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"Je ne suis pas un menteur. Je ne suis pas un menteur moi."

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Subtitle: Une contribution à la typologie des pragmatèmes

Author list: De Oliveira R

Editor list: de Oliveira R

Edition name or number: Pragmatique interculturelle, médiation des langues cultures

Publisher: E M E Éditions

Place: France

Publication year: 2021

Title of series: Le discours et la langue

Number in series: 121

Volume number: Tome 12-1

Start page: 151

End page: 165

Total number of pages: 15

ISBN: 978-2-8066-3735-2



Aiming to contribute to the development of research on pragmatemes, we hypothesize that the double pronominal marking, as in the sequence "Je ne suis pas un menteur moi / I am not a liar [me]", has the fundamental structural and pragmatic parameters of the pragmateme. Structural, because it is a compositional construction selected en bloc by a speaker to meet a communication goal associated with a precise enunciation situation (Fléchon et al. 2012); pragmatic, in the sense that this type of statement is a means of acting on the interlocutive context, allowing the accomplishment of a certain number of specific acts (Mel’čuk 2013). In support of the results of our previous work (Oliveira 2020) we posit that this device is a recourse that the speaker uses strategically to save face, in the sense of getting out of trouble, in various interactive situations involving as well the exchange of ordinary information as that of transmissions of personal information, of the private domain. The data analyzed suggest that the use of this device reflects verbal behavior that does not conform to conversational rules of politeness (Brown and Levinson 1987, Kerbrat-Orecchioni 2011), which gives rise to a certain interactional unease.


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