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Comparison between a 2.5 MW DFIG and CDFIG in Wind Energy Conversion Systems

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Author list: Dehnavifard H, Hu XM, Khan MA, Barendse PS

Publisher: IEEE

Place: Lausanne, Switzerland

Publication year: 2016

Start page: 238

End page: 244

Total number of pages: 7

ISBN: 978-1-5090-2538-1


A 2.5MW doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG)
and a cascade doubly-fed induction generator (CDFIG) in
energy conversion system are compared in order to investigate
the cost and efficiency of the system. A reference doubly-fed
induction generator and a scaling methodology are employed to
design the cascade doubly-fed induction generator Using finite
element analysis (FEA) and MATLAB/Simulink, both doublyfed
induction generator and cascade doubly-fed induction
generator are modeled under similar wind profiles. The total
active and reactive output power for both generators are
presented. The efficiency of the cascade doubly-fed induction
generator is better than the doubly-fed induction generator,
however, this is only notable in large scale wind energy


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