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Application of fine desulfurised coal tailings as neutralising barriers in the prevention of acid rock drainage

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Author list: Kotsiopoulos A., Harrison S.

Publisher: Elsevier

Publication year: 2017

Journal: Hydrometallurgy

Journal name: Hydrometallurgy

Volume number: 168

Start page: 159

End page: 166

Total number of pages: 8

ISSN: 0304-386X



Sulfide-lean benign tailings obtained from a two-stage flotation process
were used to reduce the permeability of acid-generating coal
interburden or waste rock. These tailings present a means to conceal the
exposed mineral surface from oxygen and water and more aggressive
oxidants, including those generated by iron and sulfur oxidising
microorganisms, preventing the generation of acid rock drainage (ARD).
Packing configurations comprising either alternating layered covers or
blends of co-disposed waste rock with benign tailings were investigated.
Long-term results in the presence of irrigation of the rock bed
indicated successful mitigation with either packing. Repeated exposure
of the co-mingled minerals to extreme conditions showed promise where
structural integrity of the ore bed and low permeability were
maintained. Inhibition of oxidation reactions in acidic environments was
postulated to be related to the restriction in flow of the leachate
through the column and surface contact with the acid generating waste
rock surface.


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