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Modelling approaches for greenhouse gas emissions projections from the waste sector

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Author list: Cohen B.

Publication year: 2017

Journal: Sustainable Production and Consumption

Journal name: Sustainable Production and Consumption

Volume number: 10

Start page: 15

End page: 20

Total number of pages: 6

ISSN: 2352-5509



The Mitigation and Action Plans and Scenarios (MAPS) program is a
collaboration amongst developing countries to establish the evidence
base for long-term transition to robust economies that are carbon
efficient and climate resilient. The program endeavours to contribute
towards ambitious climate change mitigation, aligning economic
development with policy and planning. This case study paper describes
the baseline and mitigation analyses conducted in four countries in
Latin America, namely Peru, Colombia, Chile and Brazil, for the solid
waste and wastewater sub-sectors. The paper provides an overview of the
approaches used in the individual countries, a description of the
modelling framework, the drivers of emissions considered, data used,
main assumptions and a summary of how mitigation approaches were
considered in the analyses. Across all four of the reviewed countries,
the generation of waste and wastewater was linked to population, and in
some cases GDP, with the emissions determined from the volumes of
waste/wastewater treated via different routes. However, the different
countries’ models varied quite substantially in terms of the IPCC
guidelines followed, extent of country-specific information included and
the number and type of mitigation actions investigated. The
availability of information in the different countries provides a
limitation to the analysis which can be conducted. A greater degree of
resolution in information and more locally-specific information will
lead to results that are better representative of the actual emissions
from a particular country.


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Climate mitigation, Waste management, Wastewater

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