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5G Network Slicing: A Multi-Tenancy Scenario

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Author list: Oladejo SO, Falowo OE

Publisher: IEEE

Place: Cape Town, South Africa

Publication year: 2017

Start page: 103

End page: 107

Total number of pages: 5

ISBN: 978-1-5386-1098-5


The 5G mobile network is expected to meet increasing
user demands. The increase in number of users is accompanied
by varying user requirements in different network scenarios.
Hence the 5G mobile network should be as flexible as possible.
Network slicing offers a promising solution to the flexibility need
of the 5G mobile network. Network slicing is the logical partitioning
of a physical network into independent virtual mobile
networks which enables the multi-tenancy paradigm. However,
realising independent virtual mobile networks via network slicing
in multi-tenancy requires efficient resource allocation. This is
important to ensure that multi-tenancy enhances network capacity.
In this paper, we investigate the resource allocation problem of
achieving maximum capacity with the transmit power, allocated
bandwidth as part of the constraints in a sliced multi-tenant
network. Through our simulations, we demonstrate (i) how the
number of users in a slice affects the capacity of an MVNO, (ii)
how the transmit power improves the capacity of the MVNO and
also how the number of slices affects the capacity.


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