Institutional Effectiveness in Fostering Student Retention and Success in 1st Year.

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Author list: Jappie N, Mutakwa, D

Place: Montreal

Publication year: 2018


The aims of higher education in South Africa are clearly set out in Education White Paper 3: A Programme for the Transformation of Higher Education (1997), which states that higher education has to meet the learning needs and aspirations of individuals, address the needs of society and provide for the labour market. This in turn contributes to the constructive and responsible citizenship that ensures the creation, sharing and evaluation of knowledge. However, equal opportunity for access to education is an important concern, particularly as education is associated with economic outcomes, democratic participation and personal well-being. Access, retention and throughput of previously disadvantaged students are critical issues at universities in the South Africa. These issues play out against the historically differentiated basic and higher education systems. Higher education institutions in South Africa share this common past, but have dissimilar characteristics related to their local contexts, the communities they serve, their staff profiles, and their access to resources and culture. Accordingly institutions face both common and specific challenges. This paper explores the school to university readiness characteristics including entrance assessments scores that determine risk for retention and success after first year. These relationships are investigated and explained with a literature discussion and analysis of data that includes assessment scores for university readiness, student transition and interventions for retention. This emanates against the challenges that the South African Higher Education is exposed to, as well as the demands placed on the Faculty Commerce at the University of Cape Town, to meet the high demand for well-equipped professionals.


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Education, Testing

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