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Dielectric Slab Model Development for RF Propagation Loss Prediction through Vegetation

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Author list: Manamela S, Cilliers JE, Abdul Gaffar MY

Publisher: IEEE

Place: Stellenbosch

Publication year: 2018

Start page: 27

End page: 28

Total number of pages: 2

ISBN: 9781538678459


In this paper, a three-layer homogeneous medium (air, vegetation, and ground) is developed with the electrical
properties (relative permittivity and conductivity) estimated using experimental measurements. This is the first step toward the development of a dielectric slab model, based on detailed measurements and simulations. The medium is investigated further using computational electromagnetic full-wave methods contained in the FEKO package. The results from FEKO are compared against the experimental measurements and the Friis transmission model where applicable. The measurement campaign was carried out on Pretoria CSIR campus and a single intermediate sized tree was measured at 900 MHz.


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