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2-Mercapto-quinazolinones as inhibitors of type II NADH dehydrogenase and mycobacterium tuberculosis: structure-activity relationships, mechanism of action and absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion characterization

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Author list: Murugesan D, Ray PC, Bayliss T, Prosser GA, Harrison JR, Green K, Soares De Melo C, Feng T-S, Street LJ, Chibale K, Warner DF, Mizrahi V, Epemolu O, Scullion P, Ellis L, Riley J, Shishikura Y, Ferguson L, Osuna-Cabello M, Read KD, Green SR, Lamprecht DA, FininP M, Steyn AJC, Ioerger TR, Sacchettini J, Rhee KY, Arora K, Barry III CE, Wyatt PG, Boshoff HIM

Publisher: American Chemical Society

Publication year: 2018

Journal: ACS Infectious Diseases

Journal name: ACS Infectious Diseases

Volume number: 4

Issue number: 6

Start page: 954

End page: 969

Total number of pages: 16

ISSN: 2373-8227



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