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An assessment of the importance of combining wind, ocean currents and stochastic motions in a particle trajectory model for search and rescue applications

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Author list: Hart-Davis M, Backeberg B, Bakhoday-Paskyabi M.

Publisher: University of KwaZulu-Natal

Place: Durban

Publication year: 2018

Number in series: 34

Start page: 166

End page: 169

Total number of pages: 4

ISBN: 9780620808255



A Lagrangian numerical model for at sea search and rescue applications is presented. The model incorporates the effects from wind, surface currents, as well as stochastic diffusivity in order to determine the horizontal trajectory of each virtual particle released. The importance of including each of these two parameters as well as stochastic motions when predicting the path of an object lost at sea were determined through a number ofmodel simulations. The preliminary results suggest that the drift of an object depends on the variability of the wind field, surface currents and characteristics of sub-grid scale effects of unresolved motions.


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